Simple Steps for How To Extend Your Computer Life.

1. Don’t turn your computer on and off unnecessarily.

Some people feel the need to power down several times a day. You don’t have to go weeks without turning off your computer, but frequent heating and cooling cycles can shorten component life. The key here is balance. So Don’t restart too much and don’t leave on too long either.

2. Blow out the fan vents regularly.

A lot of air moves through those vents, and dust tends to build up over time. Keep the internal components cool is imperative to extend your computer life. Ideally, the dust shouldn’t be blown back into the pc. Taking it apart is the best method. If you’re not comfortable doing this, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust safely or seek out a qualified computer repair specialist.

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3. Use laptops on a hard service.

Using your computer on a firm surface will keep the air vents unobstructed. Using a laptop on your lap or on a pillow would be a poor choice. Your lap generates heat
pillow is soft and highly insulative. A firm table, out of the sun, is the best bet.

4. Use in a cool environment.

Desktops or Laptop components hate heat. If possible, use your system in a cool place. A 95-degree summer day isn’t the time to be using your laptop outdoors. The coolest place is best place to place your Desktop to extent your computer life for long period.

5. Clean Up your Desktop Regularly.

Cleaning up your desktop is like cleaning up your room because of 2 reasons: 1. even though you hate doing it, looking at the end results can alone put a heavy weight off your shoulders, and 2. doing so makes it much easier to negotiate through your belongings. Plus, it makes the computer start up quicker by having fewer icons to load up.

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6. Use a surge protector.

Many CPU problems can be possibly avoided with the use of an inexpensive surge protector. Unplugging during a storm or power outage is the best practice, but if that’s not possible, a surge protector can help.

7. Use a good anti-virus program and keep it updated.

Virus can cause all types of problems to your pc or laptop. With a quality anti-virus program, you’ll be able to keep your system safe from virus. Regularly check updates for your anti-virus staying updated is important.

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8. Uninstall unwanted programs.

We all use sofftwares and programs on our Computers, but after years and years of using it, we bundle it by some unwanted programs. So uninstalling unwanted programs can free up your space and memory of your Pc.

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