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PCNTECH Computer Services

Are you looking for Pc Technical support near bangalore? Call PCNTECH we provide Computer Services and Laptop Services near bangalore.

Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair

Desktop ChipLevel Repair

We provide chip level servicing for all desktop motherboard with best results. Intel, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Asrock, etc...

Hardware Upgrade And Replacement

Hardware Upgrade And Replacement

We provide all hardware upgrade and replacement with best manufacturing companies.

Virus And Spyware Removal

Virus And Spyware Removal

We remove all types virus and spyware from your infected desktop or laptop with best antivirus.

Antivirus Installation

Antivirus Installation

We install best and no 1 antivirus, internet security. If your computer or laptop infected with virus and spyware.

Laptop Repair Services

Laptop Repair

Laptop ChipLevel Repair

We provide chip level servicing for all model laptops with best results. Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba etc...

Ram and Hard disk UpGrade

Laptop Ram and Hard disk UpGrade

We provide ram and hard disk upgrade for your laptop. To increase your hdd space and best speed to run your laptop fastly.

Backlight Inverter Replacement

Laptop Backlight Inverter Replacement

We repair your old and non working laptop backlight inverter or we replace with with new one.

LCD Screen Repair And Replacement

Laptop LCD Screen Repair And Replacement

Laptop LCD display broken accidently ? don't worry, We repair and replace your broken laptop screen.

Other Services

Remove Windows Password

Remove Windows XP,7,8,8.1 Password

If you have forgotten your windows xp,vista,7,8 logon password etc. We can help to recover or remove your logon password.

Remove BIOS Password

Remove BIOS Password

If you have forgotten your bios password and can't enter bios setup for changes. We can help to remove your bios password.

BGA Chips Replacement

BGA Chips Replacement

We provide best and excellent BGA chips replacement service.

Crash And Boot Error

Computer Crash And Boot Error

If your computer won’t start, you’re getting system errors, or your system is shutting down, We can fix the problem and get your computer running again.

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